AUSTIN area people! We’re about to be live Good Day Austin on FOX7 at 9:50! Tune in!  (at Fox7 News Station)
Getting our soundcheck on at @KGSR’s Blues on the Green! This is gonna be fun.  (at Blues on the Green)

Austin’s Quiet Company to perform Weezer’s Pinkerton from front to back in four Texas cities during July 2014. Twitter: @quietcompanytx / Instagram: @quietcompanytx 
The seemingly always touring quietcompany is set to play four shows covering Weezer’s sophomore studio effort turned cult classic. 
READ: Alternate History X: What if Weezer’s Pinkerton was a major success in 1996 via coslive
The fun times had by the Quiet Company bros onstage always seem to spillover to the crowd. We couldn’t find a video with the new band lineup, so in the mean time listen to the We Are All Where We Belong album.
<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>We Are All Where We Belong by Quiet Company</a>
Tickets to the Pinkerton tribute shows are about $10. The San Antonio and Austin shows are all ages. Purchase links and info: 
7/5 in San Antonio @ Sam’s Burger Joint
7/11 in Dallas @ The Foundry
7/18 in Austin @ Empire Control Room & Garage
7/19 in Houston @ Walters Houston
Very cool to see our friends in @wildchildsounds on Craig Ferguson tonight!

here’s a quick little gif of taylor muse, of Quiet Company rocking out…forever…in gif form. let taylor rock out on your blogs guys.
Fun night in Houston at Discovery Green Park. Austin needs a park like this!  (at Discovery Green)
Lil’ Bruce watching his dad at @KGSR’s Unplugged at the Grove.  (at Shady Groves. Unplugged.)
I bet business is booming…
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POZ Interview: Quiet Company



PropertyOfZack Staff Writer Ali Killian sat down with Quiet Company at SXSW a few weeks ago. We chatted with the band about SXSW, going in a different direction their music, Transgressor, the writing process, future moves, and more. Check out the interview below!

Can I get your names and what each of you do in the band?
Bill: I’m Bill. I play keyboards.
Taylor Muse: I’m Taylor and I sing and play guitar.
Tommy Blank: I’m Tommy. I play guitar and keyboard.
How has South By been for you guys so far?
Taylor: It’s been awesome! Every year it’s better, I think.
How many years have you played South By?
Taylor: I think this is our fourth year to be official. We actually did our very first show at an unofficial South By show in 2006, at a place called His Place, which I think was a church but we told everybody it was a gay bar.
Being from Austin, does it make it easier for you guys to book unofficial stuff during South By?
Taylor: Yeah, I think to some degree. A lot of these companies that are putting on these things are not based here, you know? They’re kind of just coming in. The ones that are are a little bit more likely to know who we are and we have a bit of a home court advantage.
How are the crowds at unofficial versus official shows?
Taylor: It kind of depends on what it is. I think there are certainly a lot of unofficial shows that are just enormous. We’ve done a few private party things, and those are always kind of weird.
Tommy: The Whole Foods thing that we’ve done the past couple years has always been really well-attended.
POZ: What is that?
Tommy: Who sponsors that?
Taylor: I don’t know who’s doing it this year, but it was Whole Earth that put it on last year. It was just up on the rooftop of Whole Foods. It’s really good bands that are always there. We’ve done it a couple years. This is the first year we haven’t done it, in the last few years. It’s great because people will bring their kids to that one, so parents who don’t get to come out other times will get to come to that one.
Tommy: We’re doing another event at Threadgill’s that I’m sure will be really well-attended. It’s like a non-official, but it’s free, and there are a lot of obstacles for people who don’t have badges or wristbands or anything.
So how many shows are you guys doing? Nine?
Taylor: Yeah.
POZ: Is that hectic for you guys?
Taylor: It could be.
Tommy: It’s not not hectic.
Taylor: This year, they’ve been a little more spread out, which is nice. We had today and yesterday off. We’re just doing press; we didn’t have to play. Tomorrow we’ve got two but they’re kind of short and together. That will probably be the craziest, playing one and then having to shoot across town to play another gets a little bit crazy. Other than that, all of our shows have been nicely spread out, so it has been a little more relaxing this year than it generally is.

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It’s not every day that you get to play a show in front of the UT Clock Tower. Thanks for having us Forty Acres Fest! (at The University of Texas at Austin)
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Maybe @ResidualKid should have won Best Rock Band. We love these guys.  (at Soho Lounge)
Thank you for voting us BEST ROCK BAND at the 2014 Austin Music Awards!  (at Austin Convention Center)
Successful day of SXSW Hugs. We made lots of new friends & a few new enemies.